About Mission & Team

Our Mission
To empower rural communities in Ghana to achieve 100% water and sanitation coverage. We are focused on the sustainability of our interventions and push the envelope on innovation. We challenge the status quo and think of new and better ways of doing everything from advocacy to project implementation. We believe in partnerships and work with government, other NGOs, academia and the private sector. We are relentlessly focused on results, because we hope to drive ourselves out of existence by 2035.
A world where we don't exist because there is 100% access to clean water and sanitation.

Our Approach

We have a new, improved approach, our dynamic innovation model, consisting of 5 steps:

  1. finding a cluster of communities
  2. assessing water, sanitation, and hygiene
  3. testing innovative solutions
  4. rolling out dynamic implementation
  5. completing a smart transition

We also provide ongoing WASH "boosters"

Executive Board

Young Leadership Board


Interested in working or volunteering? Email support@cleanacwa.org attaching a CV and listing your skills, interests and qualifications.
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